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About Jalakam Solutions Private Limited (JSPL)

Jalakam Solutions Private Limited (JSPL) was incorporated in March 2006 under Indian Companies Act, 1956 as a Private Limited Company headquartered in the southern India city of Bangalore. JSPL over the past 15 years had been providing high quality professional advisory and diagnostic services in water and wastewater utility management to several public and private water utilities and multilateral and bilateral funding institutions both in India and abroad. We had been witnessing continuous growth at over 10% CAGR.

JSPL is promoted and associated with professionals who have worked both in India and in European water companies who bring their rich and varied experience to provide superior and creative water and wastewater management services.

Our core business is centred on excellence in sustainable water and wastewater management. We have in-house young skilled staff with good competence in engineering disciplines of environmental, civil, mechanical, electronics and communications plus financial analysis and management.

JSPL capabilities include:

  • Developing water supply master plans, engineering surveys, detailed engineering design, cost estimation and implementation planning
  • Planning, design and detailed engineering services for development of water infrastructure including intakes, storage facilities, treatment plants, pumping, transmission and distribution systems.
  • Water audits for institutions, condominiums and city level distribution systems
  • Developing city sanitation plans in small towns
  • Developing wastewater management strategies comprising of centralised networked sewerage and onsite sanitation solutions
  • Evaluation and organisation planning for efficient operations and maintenance of water and wastewater infrastructure services
  • Transaction advise for delegated management of water and wastewater service delivery to private sector
  • Technical due diligence and diagnostics of water and wastewater utilities and preparation of service improvement plans
  • Miscellaneous project management and engineering services including project planning, investigation, implementation, procurement, contract management, construction supervision and quality assurance

In addition to technical/engineering skill, JSPL had gained expertise in risk assessment including climate resilience of the proposed infrastructure facilities and their financial sustainability by converging different possible revenue streams.

Our unique selling proposition which differentiates us from others in industry is our skills and expertise in undertaking focussed and effective diagnostic services for determining performance assessment of existing water and wastewater services for ensuring optimisation of performance of existing assets.

We have over time developed robust internal quality management and data management protocols for ensuring high quality and timely delivery of our services and invested in knowledge acquisition and management to keep updated on latest technological developments in water and wastewater management sector. We also developed good productive associate relationships with several experts in Europe, Australia and Japan. 

Our clients comprise of both urban and rural water utilities, large industry corporates such as Larsen and Toubro, Reliance Industries, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering and multilateral financial institutions like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and bilateral institutions like KfW, GIZ and JICA. In addition, we had also provided our services on sub-contracting framework to leading consulting companies such as ICFI, PwC, Meinhardt, CEEW, CURE and CDM Smith Inc.

In addition to our Indian footprint, our work is spread in good number of emerging economies such as Bangladesh, Nepal, South Korea, Nigeria, Mozambique, Georgia and Kazakhstan. Recently we expanded into middle east with our sub-contracted capacity building assignment for Abu-Dhabi Distribution Company and hydraulic modelling for an industrial water utility in Sharjah.

We have, as part of consortium with Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs), Mumbai and Guwahati and several European universities and research institutes, have been awarded with EU sponsored research project titled LOTUS for developing, testing and commercialisation of sensors for effective and efficient water and wastewater management.

JSPL as part of undertaking water and wastewater studies developed and introduced several effective methods of undertaking on-site surveys by deploying new technologies,  geo-referenced topographic investigations, asset surveys to determine and map existing water and wastewater infrastructure facilities, pumping performance efficiency assessment and detailed household surveys to assess customer demand for services, willingness or ability to pay for services etc. We have gained good capabilities using mobile technologies and cost effective and rapid survey methodologies. We have legal licenses of software tools like Water GEMS, Auto CAD and EPANET plus good expertise in developing investment plans and related financial and economic analysis. We own flow and pressure measurement instrumentation and onsite quality testing for pH, turbidity, suspended solids. Our partners in water and wastewater quality testing are M/s TUV SUD South Asia Private Limited and we partner with M/s E-Rachana Technologies for developing of IT applications for improving effectiveness of project investigation and design.


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Team of professionals with rich and varied experience in providing creative
and innovative solutions.

Jalakam Solutions Private Limited is promoted by professionals who have worked in large European water companies and water utilities in both and overseas and who bring their rich and varied experience to provide superior and creative water management services to their clients. In addition to the core management team, JSPL has several associates both in India and abroad including joint working arrangement with M/s. Transitio PLC, United Kingdom, M/s. Hydraulic Analysis PLC, United Kingdom

Anand Kumar, Jalakam – Director

Anand has over 40 years of experience in management of water service in both public and private sectors that span rural and urban water utilities. He worked for the state of Andhra Pradesh and managed planning, design and implementation of large water supply projects funded by Government of India, The World Bank and Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust. He has also worked in various capacities several European Water Companies including managing the water supply operations in Mauritius. Anand has an ME in Sanitary Engineering (AIIH&PH) from Calcutta University, and a B.Tech in Civil Engineering from SVU College of Engineering, Tirupathi.