Project Overview

Non-Revenue Water Reduction Projects

National Consultant for the Development of Policy and Strategy for Wastewater Reuse by Industry in Karnataka

The objective of this assignment is to achieve substantially more municipal wastewater reuse by industries based in Karnataka through the provision of services to 2030 WRG in its efforts to assist the government in developing a comprehensive policy framework, develop capacity and facilitate the setting up of processes and mechanisms to implement relevant wastewater reuse projects.

  • Facilitating meetings and consultations with selected stakeholders including key government, private sector and civil society representatives.
  • Critical analysis of most relevant current policy frameworks related to wastewater reuse in the industry land scape including water management, groundwater abstraction, use and management, wastewater treatment and drainage, pollution management and control and urban water supply and drainage.
  • Information related to state and local water quality standards, environmental water quality standards and requirements, health standards related to water use and drainage, pollution related legislation and any other standards that may be pertinent (based on secondary research)
  • Information related to the current water supply and treatment markets, practices and projects in domestic and industrial sectors in Karnataka
  • Cost economics, models used and policy framework of existing wastewater projects in the state and critical assessment of such projects.
Location & Country: Karnataka
Name of Client: 2030 Water Resources Group
Duration of Assignment (months): 5
Start Date (month/year): February 2016
Completion Date (month/year): June 2016
Professional Staff Months Provided: 1.5
Names and designation of professional staff involved: Anand K Jalakam, Team Leader