Project Overview

Non-Revenue Water Reduction Projects

Consultancy Services for Providing Hydraulic Modelling of Pipeline Network for NPCC

The objective of this assignment is to prepare hydraulic modelling of pipeline network 

  • Developing physical and operational network model of water supply system comprising of pumps, storage tanks and pipelines of about 15km length
  • Develop physical and operational attributes within the hydraulic model software for major system components including pipelines, well, tanks, pump stations, PRVs, valves and hydrants.
  • Develop demand data and scenarios for, Maximum Day Demand (MDD), Average Day Demand (ADD), MDD, and Peak Hour Demand (PHD) for both steady state and extended period simulations within the hydraulic model
  • Calibration of Hydraulic model for flows/ demands with field data observations
  • Validations of calibration of hydraulic model with observed pressures and hydraulic grades
Location & Country: Sharjah
Name of Client: Environmental Solutions and Consultancy
Duration of Assignment (months): 1
Start Date (month/year): April 2019
Completion Date (month/year): May 2019
Professional Staff Months Provided: 0.5
Names and designation of professional staff involved: Anand K Jalakam, Water Network Specialist