Project Overview

Non-Revenue Water Reduction Projects

Design of Continuous Pressurized Water Supply Scheme for Remodelling of Water Distribution System in Jamkhandi Town

The project is for improving water supply services in Jamkhandi Municipal Council to ensure 24x7 continuous pressurised water supply. The consultancy services were for preparation of hydraulic engineering design and drawings.

  • Detailed assessment of present water supply services
  • Condition assessment of existing infrastructure
  • Developing current water account
  • Population projection and establishing water demand at tap and at source
  • Capacity analysis of the existing infrastructure and sizing the expansion
  • Hydraulic zoning and design of DMAs
  • Setting up hydraulic network model both for transmission and feeders and separately for distribution system
  • Setting up design criteria
  • Design of all infrastructure components
  • Cost estimation
  • Investment planning
  • Preparing Detailed Project Report and Drawings
Location & Country: Jamkhandi, Karnataka
Name of Client: Jain Irrigation Systems Limited
Duration of Assignment (months): 3
Start Date (month/year): November 2013
Completion Date (month/year): January 2014
Professional Staff Months Provided: 3
Names and designation of professional staff involved: Anand K Jalakam