Project Overview

Non-Revenue Water Reduction Projects

Preparation of Detailed Project Report for improving water supply services in Tumkur, Bantwal , Srirangapatna, Sira Towns, Karnataka.

The project is for improving water supply services in different Town Municipal Councils to ensure 24x7 continuous pressurised water supply. The consultancy services were for preparing a Detailed Project Report including investigation, planning, design, detailed engineering and investment planning.

  • Detailed assessment of present water supply services
  • Condition assessment of existing infrastructure
  • Developing current water account
  • Population projection and establishing water demand at tap and at source
  • Capacity analysis of the existing infrastructure and sizing the expansion
  • Hydraulic zoning and design of DMAs
  • Setting up hydraulic network model both for transmission and feeders and separately for distribution system
  • Setting up design criteria
  • Design of all infrastructure components
  • Cost estimation
  • Investment planning
  • Preparing Detailed Project Report and Drawings
Location & Country: Tumkur, Sira, Bantwal and Srirangapatna towns, Karnataka
Name of Client: Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board
Duration of Assignment (months): 15
Start Date (month/year): May 2013
Completion Date (month/year): July 2014
Professional Staff Months Provided: 12
Names and designation of professional staff involved: Anand K Jalakam