Project Overview

Non-Revenue Water Reduction Projects

Kiribati Water Sector Reform

The key objective of the study is to support the design and transaction of the performance–based O&M contract for the water network improvements in Kiribati island.

  • Technical and financial due diligence for preparation of diagnostic report
  • Rapid review of the relevance of alternative contracting models for Rehabilitate–Operate–Transfer contracting framework.
  • Recommendations of institutional strengthening activities that could be supported by the project
  • Defining objectives and scope of the O&M contract covering (i) roles and responsibilities of parties to the contract, (ii) Contract Targets and Key Performance Indicators; (iii) measurement and payment mechanism and (iv) organizational aspects: international experts to be mobilized (full/part time) and related functions, role for seconded staff (including manager) from PUB Water Engineering Division.
  • Description of the contractor’s and employer’s key contractual obligations
  • Analysis of contract perimeter and interface aspects
  • Preparation of a cost estimate for the O&M contract
  • Facilitation of a multi–stakeholder workshop on the proposed O&M contract parameters.
  • Market sounding.
  • Model bidding documents template for the O&M–supervision contract
Location & Country: Kiribati
Name of Client: The World Bank Group
Duration of Assignment (months): 3
Start Date (month/year): April 2018
Completion Date (month/year): December 2018
Professional Staff Months Provided: 1
Names and designation of professional staff involved: Anand K Jalakam, Team Leader