Project Overview

Non-Revenue Water Reduction Projects

Delegated Management Contract for 24x7 Water Services in Mysore.

The project is for improving water distribution in Mysore city to ensure 24x7 continuous pressurised water supply funded under JNNURM. The consultancy services were for transaction advisory services for developing a delegated management contract and entrusting the project to a private Operator for implementation

  • Rapid assessment of present water supply status and in particular the operational regime of the water distribution system from the available data, reports and through a reconnoitre survey
  • Establish an indicative current water account and the present services levels
  • Prepare a gradual service improvement plan with the objective of achieving continuous pressurized water supply (24x7) in three years
  • Prepare an indicative water distribution rehabilitation and strengthening plan including reducing Non–Revenue Water (NRW) and improving billing and collection system
  • Estimate the Operations, maintenance and management needs for improving the water services including billing and collection of income.
  • Evaluate the options of outsourcing the implementation of the project by outsourcing through a performance based contract to private sector including the relative merits and risks
  • Evaluate the requirement of single or multiple service providers for undertaking the implementation
  • Recommend to KWB the most appropriate option for outsourcing
  • Present the study findings through power point presentation to all concerned stakeholders i.e. MCC, KUIDFC and Urban Development Department, Government of Karnataka
  • Assist the stake holders in selecting the most appropriate option
  • Define the detailed scope of the work for the selected outsourcing arrangement
  • Develop procurement and contractual framework for the selected outsourcing arrangement and
  • Prepare the detailed technical bid specification
Location & Country: Mysore, Karnataka
Name of Client: Executive Engineer, KUWSDB, JNNURM Division, Mysore
Duration of Assignment (months): 19
Start Date (month/year): December 2007
Completion Date (month/year): June 2008
Professional Staff Months Provided: 16
Names and designation of professional staff involved: Anand K Jalakam