Project Overview

Non-Revenue Water Reduction Projects

Providing professional advisory services and undertaking water resources feasibility study in Bidar District in Karnataka and in Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh

Conducted detailed review of water resources, proposed cost effective solution for sourcing and allocation.

  • Undertaking water resources feasibility study
  • Review of water resources.
  • Analysis of historical flow details of different surface water sources.
  • Dependability analysis of possible sources.
  • Cost benefit analysis for each option.
  • Preliminary design of pumping arrangements.
  • Economical design of pipe sizing and routing.
  • Approach for sourcing and allocation.
Location & Country: Bidar District, Karnataka, and Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh
Name of Client: Reliance Industries Limited
Duration of Assignment (months): 14
Start Date (month/year): December 2007
Completion Date (month/year): January 2009
Professional Staff Months Provided: 5
Names and designation of professional staff involved: Anand K Jalakam