Project Overview

Non-Revenue Water Reduction Projects

Technical Consulting Services in relation to advice to be provided on a possible PPP Project relating to the Central Water Authority (CWA) in Mauritius

The objective of this consultancy is to assist the project team in the analysis of the technical aspects of the proposed PPP reform, including (i) assessing CWA operational performance, (ii) reviewing and validating CWA’s investment program, (iii) providing projections for revenues, opex and capex for the financial model, and (iv) providing inputs for the key design features of the PPP scheme.

  • Carry out a broad diagnostic of CWA revenues and operation performance with the objective of identifying which elements in the value chain hold significant potential for improvements under a well–designed PPP perform
  • Identify the most relevant performance indicators, providing estimate based on available data and with the appropriate level of segregation tanking in to account the components of NRW i.e. water balance – as well as measurement of intermittent supply on both permanent and seasonal basis)
  • Review CWA’s investment projects for the next 10 years, identifying potential gaps and validating proposed costs and timetable.
  • Provide the team’s financial modeler with capex, opex and revenues projections allowing for proper sensitivity analysis under various scenarios for investment, performance improvement and demand taking in to account the links between investments impacting water losses reduction, the improvement of water supply continuity and impact on demand.
  • Monitoring and evaluation framework for the PPP arrangement, including performance indicators (KPI), measurement methodology, and contractual targets in terms of service quality (especially service continuity) and operational efficiency;
Location & Country: Mauritius
Name of Client: The World Bank Group
Duration of Assignment (months): 3.5
Start Date (month/year): March 2016
Completion Date (month/year): June 2016
Professional Staff Months Provided: 1.5
Names and designation of professional staff involved: Anand K Jalakam, Team Leader