Project Overview

Non-Revenue Water Reduction Projects

Consultancy services for operational review and determination of appropriate tariffs of Lagos Water Corporation (LWC)

To provide Castalia with the necessary technical inputs for preparation of service model for LWC

  • Inception Report
  1. a) Responsible for preparing data and document request for all technical information needed
  2. b) Supporting on the Inception Report
  • Establish principles and process with LSWRC
  • Analysing LWC’s efficiency, review operating, maintenance processes and cost engineering practices
  • Determine service standards and forecast demand
  • Providing necessary technical inputs for the model
  • Assess capability of existing assets
  • Estimate capital expenditure needed
  • Build cost of service model and estimate revenue requirement
Location & Country: Lagos
Name of Client: Lagos Water Corporation (LWC)
Duration of Assignment (months): 4
Start Date (month/year): June 2016
Completion Date (month/year): September 2016
Professional Staff Months Provided: 1.5
Names and designation of professional staff involved: Anand K Jalakam