Project Overview

Non-Revenue Water Reduction Projects

Chennai City Partnership: Sustainable Urban Services Program - Urban Water Technical Consultant to provide technical support to CMWSSB

The objective of this consultancy is to provide high quality technical guidance to the Bank team and to CMWSSB on improved understanding of WSS DLIs and the actions needed for their efficient and effective achievement.

  • Water Metering Policy: Support the Board in gaining good understanding the suitable framework of a water meter policy and the challenges thereof; and provide advice to them in the development of a draft water metering policy that is acceptable to stakeholders (DLI 7.1).
  • Water Meters: Work with CMWSSB officials on implementation of water meters installation program in high rise and low–rise buildings in phases (DLIs 7.1 and 7.5).
  • Implementing Volumetric Tariff: Providing guidance on implementation of volumetric tariff by providing information on such initiatives elsewhere and modalities required including possible contracting water meter installation, consumer database management and billing (DLI 8.1, 8.2 and 10).
  • Non–Revenue Water (NRW): provide necessary training on NRW framework and unbundling each of its components such that there is better appreciation and create demand to address NRW in the city
  • NRW in city wide transmission system: Provide technical support on the requisites for a good bulk water NRW monitoring system using state–of–the art technologies along with parameters to monitor technical, water quality and energy efficiency using a centralized SCADA system. This should lead to the Metro Board finalizing a performance–based contract (DLI 7.6 and 7.2).
  • Service Delivery Improvements through strengthening distribution network (DLI 7.6): There is a proposal to develop two water distribution zones i.e. X and XIII in the city using a performance based long terms contract aiming at developing DMAs with water metes in the initial phase and gradually, improve piped network to reduce NRW to improve service levels and meeting the growing demand. The consultants are expected to build good understanding of such contracts implemented elsewhere and benefits of such initiatives. Further, the consultants will also support in structuring such contracts through strategic advice (not handholding – CMWSSB has consultants to do primary work).
  • Improved access to water supply services (DLI 8.3): Provide technical support and advice CMWSSB to increase the household connections that will receive at least 1 hour of daily water supply in the added areas, while maintaining the 1 hour of assured daily supply for HHs from the previous year.
  • As required, the consultants are expected to provide technical guidance on Benchmarking services (DLI 8.1), Performance agreements (DLI 8.2) and improved cost recovery (DLI 10). Together with Bank’s other team members and consultant, work together with CMWSSB to develop a roadmap to achieve DLI 10 targets.
  • Other tasks related to the WSS program in Chennai may be added in common agreement with the consultant.
Location & Country: Chennai, Tamil N?du
Name of Client: The World Bank Group
Duration of Assignment (months): 8
Start Date (month/year): May 2022
Completion Date (month/year): December 2022
Professional Staff Months Provided: 4
Names and designation of professional staff involved: Anand K Jalakam, Team Leader